15 inch Drawer Slides

15 inch drawer slides mostly refers to the slides in the drawers designed at the middle level. The design of many furniture supported by a movable system offers a highly functional use. It is possible to obtain products suitable for different usage scenarios with drawer slides or rail types.

15 inch drawer slides assembly is extremely easy and practical. Thin and long drawer slides provide a wide usage area. In addition, the transport volume is extremely high. The 15” drawer slides are approximately 40 cm (38,1). All sliding drawers, whether 40 or 50, can be installed quite easily.

Slider for Drawers

Many types of sliding or sliding structures are produced for use in drawers. Materials are usually mounted in the side compartments. Length and thickness values for Drawer slides are determined by considering different usage scenarios. For example, a 35 cm drawer slide can be 17 mm thick. So what are the types of drawer slides?

  • Ball
  •  With brake
  •  Cheeked
  •  Automatic

If a standard drawer slide is designed in a metallic structure, its durability and carrying capacity are at the highest level. It is an important issue to tighten the screws with the required hardness during assembly. Thus, some problems can be avoided, especially during industrial use.

Concealed sliders can be a good choice in drawer structures that can be used in homes, workplaces or industrial areas. This type of sliders are especially preferred in kitchen products. Drawer slides with stoppers or locks stand out with their slow closing. This, in addition to providing a quiet use, extends the life of the product. A structure that closes slowly cannot make a damaging blow.

Do 15 Inch Drawer Slides

Making a 15 inch drawer slide is not a challenging task for manufacturers. Different size options offer different storage volumes. Companies that are aware of this provide the necessary variety in sizes. The function and working mechanism of the sliders are clear. However, in products such as cabinets or wardrobes where sliders can be used, different criteria are also important, such as having an aesthetic design.

What does kitchen drawer slides do? Thanks to these slides, the movement of the drawers is provided. Movement can be performed softly or automatically. Drawers operating in this way are known as self-closing products. Drawers that close by themselves with a special mechanism also bring some advantages. These can be listed as follows;

  • Requires a minimum of human labor
  •  Easy to use
  •  It can be produced in a way that is durable and has a high internal volume.

Dresser Drawer Slides        

Dressers are usually aesthetically pleasing decorative items with large drawers where clothes and accessories are stored. The top of these products can also be used actively. While producing cabinet rails, it is extremely important that they have a solid structure and offer practical use.

Products such as cabinets, dressers, bookcase drawers have a facilitating effect in daily life. What makes these products really useful is their sliding structure. Easy-to-open compartments are needed in order to place clothes, items or, for example, various stationery items in these drawers.

Samet manufactures many types and sizes of drawer slides/rails. Our productions are carried out with innovative technologies and superior material quality. We do not compromise on high production volume to reach the dresser, bookcase, computer desk or cabinets in your home!