Bottom Mount Drawer Slides

Bottom mount drawer slides are a type of hardware used in the construction of drawers, allowing them to slide in and out smoothly. They are mounted on the bottom of the drawer, unlike side mount or center mount slides.

Bottom mount drawer slides are mounted on the bottom of the drawer. It regulates the movement of the drawer inside the cabinet. It is an important type of hardware that is widely used in this product and enables the drawers to be opened and closed smoothly. Many furniture and other storage drawers use this slide system.

Bottom drawer slides are used in various areas such as:

Home Furniture: Frequently used in kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, and living room units.

Office Furniture: Preferred in office furniture like filing cabinets and desks.

Industrial Furniture: Due to their heavy load-bearing capacity, they are also used in industrial shelving and storage units.

Bottom Mounting Drawer Slides

Bottom-mounted drawer slides play a significant role in both functionality and aesthetics in modern furniture designs. Their use in home, office, and industrial furniture, as well as in many different application areas, demonstrates the versatility and popularity of these slides. Although they require precise installation, the advantages they offer outweigh this minor difficulty. With proper maintenance and use, bottom-mounted drawer slides can serve effectively for many years.

The advantages of using these slides are as follows:

  • Bottom mount slides are not visible when the drawer is open, offering a cleaner and more aesthetic appearance.
  • As they are mounted underneath the drawer, they distribute weight more evenly, making them ideal for drawers storing heavy items.
  • Generally, bottom mount slides have a high weight capacity, making them suitable for various applications.
  • Made from quality materials, often stainless steel, these slides are durable and withstand frequent use.
  • Modern bottom mount slides usually offer a quiet and smooth opening and closing experience.

The installation of bottom mount slides requires proper alignment, which can make the installation a bit more challenging. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the slides ensure a long-lasting and smooth operation.

Bottom Mount Drawer Slides

These products are manufactured in different slide models, including:

Ball Bearing Slides: Use ball bearings for high-quality and smooth movement.

Roller Slides: Provide a simple and economical solution, though they are generally not as smooth as ball bearing slides.

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