Corner Drawer Cabinet

Corner drawer cabinet is a piece of furniture that enables the most efficient use of space. These pieces of furniture not only save space but also provide an ergonomic and stylish appearance. Corners are difficult areas to utilize effectively, and this type of drawer offers ideal usage for these spaces.

Corner drawer cabinet can be best solution for especially for small kitchens or bathrooms. These cabinets help to make the best use of limited space while also achieving a stylish look. Choosing the most suitable model and options from various designs can be beneficial in terms of longevity and aesthetics.

Corner Drawer Cabinet
  • Carousel cabinets usually have circular shelves. This allows easy access to the back parts of the cabinet. This type is frequently used in kitchens.
  • Magic corner cabinets maximize corner space thanks to their internal mechanism. When a door is opened, the internal shelves automatically move outward.
  • Corner drawer cabinets can fully extend the content of the cabinet using telescopic rails or special hinge systems.
  • Lazy Susan cabinets have circular rotating shelves and are typically found in kitchen corners.
  • Some corner cabinets are designed to remain hidden when the doors are closed. These types of cabinets are especially preferred for minimalist and modern kitchen designs.
  • Angled corner cabinets are placed at an angle in the corner and usually have a two-door design. The interior generally contains various shelves and compartments.

In modern designs, specially designed drawer systems for corners are used instead of traditional doors. These drawers are designed to fit the structure of the corner and allow full utilization of the corner space.

Corner Drawer Kitchen Cabinet

The corner drawer kitchen cabinet is an important piece of furniture that offers space-saving and aesthetic appearance in modern kitchen designs. These cabinets are usually equipped with soft-closing drawer rails, ensuring that the drawers close quietly and controlled. A typical corner cabinet drawer system is made of solid materials about 27 mm thick. This ensures that the cabinet is suitable for daily use and durable enough for heavy-duty situations.

Kitchen furniture choices are more important than other areas due to the significant storage needs of this space. Especially for kitchens with a lot of items or limited space, corner drawer cabinets offer a wide usage area. These drawers, mounted with a side mounting method, are easily integrated into the interior of the cabinet and maximize the use of corner space. The full-extension drawer feature provides complete access to the contents, making items in the back easily reachable.

These types of cabinets are usually built on durable bearing slides. Bearing slides ensure smooth and proper opening and closing of the drawers even under heavy duty. These features in kitchen cabinet design are important elements that enhance ease of use and functionality.

Corner drawer kitchen cabinets offer both an aesthetic and functional solution, providing space savings in kitchens. These cabinets, which have become a staple of modern kitchens, set a new standard in kitchens by offering both usability and elegance. Therefore, these cabinets have become a preferred piece of furniture for both professional chefs and home cooks.

Corner Drawer Cabinet

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