Soft-Close Hinge

Soft-close hinge is a type of hinge that allows doors or lids to close quietly. These hinges also enable the door or lid to be fixed in any position. Thanks to these hinges, it’s possible to use opening and closing structures in a long-lasting manner.

Soft-close hinge provide benefits for door security and comfortable usage. These hinges can be designed with different features according to the area where they will be used. Each type of hinge, when chosen according to the need, provides high performance. Additionally, choosing a hinge brand can also offer advantages in terms of quality and durability.

These hinges may malfunction or break down after a certain period depending on the frequency of use. In such cases, hinge repair or replacement is necessary. Depending on the type and size of the hinge, there may be situations where repair or replacement is more advantageous. The differences between a standard hinge and a soft-close hinge are as follows:

Soft-close hinges enable the door to close safely and slowly.

With these hinges, doors can easily be fixed in any position.

Particularly in the use by children or the elderly, the risk of accidents is significantly reduced with these hinges.

However, soft-close hinges may require more maintenance than standard hinges.

The prices of soft-close hinges can be a bit higher than those of standard hinges.

Soft-Close Hinge

Soft-Close Hinge Prices

The prices of soft-close hinges can vary depending on many factors. These include the type of hinge, quality, brand, and installation requirements. The more durable and higher-quality models can have a slightly higher price tag. The cost of these products is a bit higher when compared to the prices of standard hinges.

The following types of soft-close hinges are prominent:

Slow Closing Hinges: Usually used in cabinet doors. They ensure that the doors close slowly and quietly, which is ideal for areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Spring-Loaded Soft-Close Hinges: This type includes a spring mechanism that allows the door to close automatically. They are often used in public area doors, especially in fire doors.

Adjustable Soft-Close Hinges: These hinges allow the adjustment of the braking force. They are ideal for adapting to various door weights and usage requirements.

Pivot Soft-Close Hinges: Often used for heavy doors and mounted on the top and bottom of the door. They allow the door to open and close in a controlled manner.

Concealed Soft-Close Hinges: These hinges, which offer an aesthetic advantage, are embedded into the door panel and are invisible from the outside. They are frequently chosen for modern interior designs.

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